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Why Use Roadrunner Limousine Airport Car Service in Burnsville?

100% Customer Satisfaction! Roadrunner Limousine serving Burnsville is the most trusted Minneapolis airport Town car service in Minnesota. So, how did we get this way? It’s because we know how to provide the best customer service. On top of having exemplary driving records, our drivers are also required to pass FBI criminal background checks. We present well-dressed, experienced professionals who will cater to your every need. As a rule, prompt pickups are a given because it is our policy at Roadrunner to be on location 10 minutes prior to all scheduled pickup times.

Affordable Rates! More often than not, our town car rates to and from Burnsville and the Minneapolis airport (MSP) are less than taxis charge for the same service. So, why travel in a taxi when you can travel to the airport in style and comfort in any one of our luxury vehicles. VIEW OUR RATES.

A Luxurious Vehicle Fleet. Our fleet includes late model luxury Sedans and SUV’s. In addition, all our vehicles are clean, comfortable and equipped with GPS Navigation systems. Therefore, why take a low quality Uber to/from Burnsville and Minneapolis airport when a luxury vehicle is available at Roadrunner Limousine?

Easy Reservation Process. Call Roadrunner Limousine for immediate personal service, or access our quick easy online reservation system. Also consider setting up an online account that preserves your personal preferences. This will allow you to monitor your reservation history, print reservation receipt and confirmations at your convenience. Furthermore, Roadrunner always sends you e-mail confirmations and payment receipts for your verification and business expensing.

Member in good standing with the National Limousine Association (NLA). Being a member of the NLA shows a commitment to high livery industry standards and consistent delivery of quality transportation service.

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Are you a Traveling Executive?
Roadrunner Limousine provides reliable, convenient, and comfortable airport service for its executive clients. Besides providing our executives with premium service, we work effectively with their assistants and travel coordinators. This makes everyone’s job easier. In fact, we use a state-of-the-art online booking and account monitoring system. Together with our highly trained staff, we can execute the most sophisticated travel plans for any busy executive.



First Time Coming to Burnsville – Did You Know?


Mdewakanton Dakota were the first to inhabit the region to follow water fowl and game animals through the Minnesota River. In 1750 Chief Black Dog established a permanent village at the isthmus between Black Dog Lake, named for him, and the Minnesota River. Early settlers noted over 250 Dakota there, and three large burial mounds were discovered at the south end of Burnsville at Crystal Lake. Land was ceded by the Dakota in 1851, and many early European settlers were Irish and Scottish farmers who came from Saint Paul. These Irish and Scottish settlers left their names on numerous area roads and parks and their religious legacy in local Presbyterian, Protestant, and Catholic churches. In 1880 Lewis Judd created the Lakeside Hotel on Crystal Lake’s north shore, where they offered boats for rent.


Burnsville is 15 miles south of downtown Minneapolis in Dakota County, Minnesota, on the south bank of the Minnesota River. The southern portion of Minneapolis–Saint Paul is marked by Burnsville and other suburbs. Burnsville Center is its regional mall that is well known in the metro area. Other regional attractions are Alimagnet Dog Park, a part of Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, and Buck Hill, a 310-foot vertical ski peak. As a result of the construction of Interstate 35, Burnsville became the tenth largest Minnesotan city in the 2000 Census, after its original start as a rural Irish farming community. It is a bedroom community of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and is currently the ninth largest suburb in the metro area.


Most of the Minnesota river is in the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge with fish, wildlife, and parkland that is managed both by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The Black Dog and Lower Minnesota River Watershed Districts of Burnsville are managed by the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District. Burnsville has a total area of 26.93 square miles traversed by main routes Interstate Highway 35, Minnesota Highway 13 and County Road 42.


Burnsville’s own school district, Independent School District 191, is the biggest employer there followed by Fairview Ridges Hospital, Goodrich Sensor Systems, Northern Tool + Equipment, Pepsi-Cola Bottling, YRC, Mackin Educational Resources, Cub Foods, AMS Holding, and Frontier Communications. The second largest industry is manufacturing. All along I-35W on the north and south ends of the city you can find just about every brand of car dealership. It is a 15–30 minute commute from Burnsville to many services and regional attractions like the Mall of America, Valleyfair Amusement Park, Buck Hill Ski Area, the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport, downtown Saint Paul and downtown Minneapolis.

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