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100% Customer Satisfaction! Roadrunner Limousine serving St. Louis Park is the most trusted Minneapolis airport Town car service in Minnesota. So, how did we get this way? It’s because we know how to provide the best customer service. On top of having exemplary driving records, our drivers are also required to pass FBI criminal background checks. We present well-dressed, experienced professionals who will cater to your every need. As a rule, prompt pickups are a given because it is our policy at Roadrunner to be on location 10 minutes prior to all scheduled pickup times.

Affordable Rates! More often than not, our town car rates to and from St. Louis Park and the Minneapolis airport (MSP) are less than taxis charge for the same service. So, why travel in a taxi when you can travel to the airport in style and comfort in any one of our luxury vehicles. VIEW OUR RATES.

A Luxurious Vehicle Fleet. Our fleet includes late model luxury Sedans and SUV’s. In addition, all our vehicles are clean, comfortable and equipped with GPS Navigation systems. Therefore, why take a low quality Uber to/from St. Louis Park and Minneapolis airport when a luxury vehicle is available at Roadrunner Limousine?

Easy Reservation Process. Call Roadrunner Limousine for immediate personal service, or access our quick easy online reservation system. Also consider setting up an online account that preserves your personal preferences. This will allow you to monitor your reservation history, print reservation receipt and confirmations at your convenience. Furthermore, Roadrunner always sends you e-mail confirmations and payment receipts for your verification and business expensing.

Member in good standing with the National Limousine Association (NLA). Being a member of the NLA shows a commitment to high livery industry standards and consistent delivery of quality transportation service.

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Are you a Traveling Executive?
Roadrunner Limousine provides reliable, convenient, and comfortable airport service for its executive clients. Besides providing our executives with premium service, we work effectively with their assistants and travel coordinators. This makes everyone’s job easier. In fact, we use a state-of-the-art online booking and account monitoring system. Together with our highly trained staff, we can execute the most sophisticated travel plans for any busy executive.


First Time Coming to St. Louis Park – Did You Know?


The name “St. Louis Park” came from the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway that runs through the area; the word “Park” added to avoid confusion with St. Louis, Missouri. The downtown had three hotels by 1893, and many new companies came in to surround the downtown area. More than 600 industrial jobs associated with agriculture implement manufacturing had appeared by 1890. The Peavey–Haglin Experimental Concrete Grain Elevator was built there in 1899-1900, and it is still there today. It was the world’s first concrete, tubular grain elevator, an alternative to combustible wooden elevators. It was called “Peavey’s Folly”, with sour predictions that it would burst like a balloon when grain was drawn off, but the experiment worked and concrete elevators have been used ever since.


Saint Louis Park, abbreviated St. Louis Park, is in Hennepin County, Minnesota, with a population of 45,250 at the 2010 census. A first-ring suburb west of Minneapolis, it is adjacent to the cities of Edina, Golden Valley, Minnetonka, Plymouth, and Hopkins. Movie directors Joel and Ethan Coen were born in the city, and they set their 2009 film A Serious Man in St. Louis Park there, circa 1967. It was also home to musician Peter Himmelman, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, Senator Al Franken, songwriter Dan Israel, guitarist Sharon Isbin, writer Pete Hautman, football coach Marc Trestman, and film director Joe Nussbaum. The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting has a major collection of antique radio and television equipment in St. Louis Park.


According to the United States Census Bureau, St. Louis Park’s total area of 10.86 square miles is 10.64 square miles of land and 0.22 square miles of water. The four main routes in Saint Louis Park are Interstate 394, U.S. Highway 169, and Minnesota State Highways 7 and 100. There were 45,250 people, 21,743 households, and 10,459 families living in the city in 2010, with a population density of 4,252.8 inhabitants per square mile. The median age in the city was 35.4 years, with a gender makeup of 47.8% male and 52.2% female.


Hundreds of people attended the second City Vision project meeting on February 12, 2006, an initiative led by the city to determine the path for the next 5–10 years. The city is looking into several areas of common interest, including balanced housing, improved transportation, the reworking of the Minnesota Highway 7 intersections, and a gathering place for young people. The Parkwifi project was intended to provide wireless internet service throughout the city, but it was canceled in 2007 due to failure of the installation contractor. Girls’ sports in the city have been very successful, with the girls’ basketball teams winning two state championships in 1986 and 1990 under head coach Phil Frerk. It also has one of the state’s premier synchronized swimming programs that has won many state championships in the sport.

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